Sokol Ltd. since August 2013, working to build the lateral canal Kneževi Vinogradi – Zmajevac. Lateral canal length is approximately 12.3 kilometers. The function of the canal is a dual purpose agricultural irrigation in dry periods , water release from Zmajevački Dunavac in the lateral canal or drainage in the Danube excess torrential waters coming into the lateral canal with Baranja mountain. At the beginning of the lateral canal provided a reversible pumping station Zmajevac is located along the foot of the main defense of the Danube embankment Zmajevac – Kopačevo with water intake from Zmajevski Dunavac. Basic interconnected units that make up the object itself pumping station reinforced concrete structure intake structure, reinforced concrete structure of the central part of the pumping stations, reinforced concrete structure of the pressure channel, reinforced concrete structure the inlet drainage structures and associated mechanical hydro-technical equipment.

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