Baranja is a space that belongs to the wider lowland area of natural and geographic Macromorphological whole Pannonian Basin, as part of the geographical area of eastern Croatian .
The system of flood defense Baranja is based on Drava and Danube – dams ( over 130 km of embankments ) and a series of channels melioration that the systematic component of the system. For Baranja area of development of the system and good condition have no alternative in terms of flood protection.

The aim of the repair works is to achieve good status of flood control system at its weakest part , and that is , it was shown during the high waters of the Danube in 2006 yr. , The final 4.5 km of embankments Drava- Danube binding Main Danube and Drava main mound .

The repairs were carried out embankment reinforcement with additional material on the defended one side.

The works are performed in the following order:

  • Scalping slope embankment thickness of 10 cm to 50 cm , allowing for a visual overview of the embankment which is covered with a layer of humus.
  • The construction of the drainage system to ensure controlled discharge of leachate and allows the monitoring leached amount of water.
  • Gain defended slope embankment construction ballast defended on one dike base which reduces the slope of the embankment and drainage lines retained in the dam body. Current state defended slope seeking intervention on its surface part of the large number molehill, dens and other habitats medium-sized animals , whose actions significantly affecting the stability of the embankment .
  • The return of the old surface layer

Rehabilitation works performs on the heavy machinery and for the purpose of rehabilitation is crucial to transport significant quantities of suitable soil approx . 110,000 m³ and embed it in the reinforcement in compliance with all technical standards .

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