Bakar – city and port in the north end of the bay, near the city of Rijeka. Coke Plant in Bakar was opened in 1976 and until 1995, the plant was used for the production of coke, and had a 250 m high chimney that was used for emissions. Space coke plant in Bakar has been recognized by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction as one of the 10 hot spots in the area of ​​the Croatian. During operation, coke plant in Bakar there was an unauthorized release of hazardous substances into the environment, primarily tars, oils and naphthalene. Aware of the dangers posed by the continued postponement remediation company Koksar Ltd. in cooperation with the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund has announced the 20.08.2007. The tender for the rehabilitation of the land contaminated coke tar. The competition is defined technology Remedial or stipulate the obligation of Remedial process of solidification. Decision of the expert committee for the selection of the winning bid for the remediation contractor was selected offer companies Sokol Ltd.

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