• The construction of the transmission line between Plomin – Vodnjan

  • The construction of the transmission line between Ðakovo – The Mayor

The history of Dalekovod starts with its founding in 1949 . The company for many years engaged in the design, manufacture and construction . Today, Dalekovod d.d. modern organization that provides engineering , manufacturing and construction. The company specializes in carrying out contracts based on “turnkey” in the following areas : power facilities , especially the 0.4 to 1000 kV, substations of all types and voltage levels up to 500 kV, air , underground and marine cables up to 110 kV , telecommunication facilities , all types of networks and antennas , production of suspension and jointing equipment for all types of transmission lines and substations from 0.4 to 1000 kV, manufacturing and installation of all metal parts for roadways, especially for: road lighting , protective fencing and signalization traffic , tunnel lighting and traffic management electrification of railway and tramway lines in cities . 1993 became a joint stock company.

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