T-Com is the leading telecommunications provider in the field of fixed telephony and Internet in Croatia. In providing the full spectrum of telecommunications services – voice telephony, data transmission, wired or wireless Internet access and local area networks – is complemented by mobile services that under the umbrella of T-Croatian Telecom offers T-Mobile, a subsidiary company of T-Croatian Telecom. The technical basis for all T-Com services is a modern network infrastructure based on optical fibers, modern access networks (ADSL) and backbone networks (SDH, ATM). Just as it serves to cover their own needs, this infrastructure is the foundation of the overall telecommunications traffic in Croatia. In addition to being achieved the largest share in the Croatian Internet traffic, and introducing modern methods of communication that exist in the world markets (wireless WiMAX), T-Com is also the leader in developing new Internet content, so that even one of the first within the DT Group offered high performance applications MAXtv, Internet television.

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