Sokol d.o.o. Vinkovci
Sokol Company Ltd. was founded in 1994. We do construction , trade and services. Headquarter is in Vinkovci , H.V. Hrvatinića 11th Sokol Ltd. Today, we are renowned performer of construction, assembly works and engineering construction with many years of experience in the construction and maintenance of power and telecommunication lines and networks, pipelines installations and buildings of different purposes.

The structure of employees and the experience gained from many years of work and an enviable level of technical equipment, guarantees quality and timely execution of the contract works. The introduction to standards of quality and environmental standards by ISO9001: 2000 and ISO14001 : 2004 management and all the staff show complete commitment to continually improving the quality of services contracted with our clients as well as to contribute to environmental protection in the field of activity.

Quality and safety
We promote and support the advancement and education of our employees and develop their knowledge , skills and abilities with an emphasis on a proactive approach to integrated management system.
Goals and values
  1. We create a partnership environment with clients, suppliers and subcontractors .

  2. We operate in accordance with statutory and other requirements applied to our organization.

  3. Constantly improve the integrated management system in accordance with internationally recognized standards ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 , OHSAS 18001 certified.

  4. We strive for pollution prevention and continuous improvement approach to the environment.

  5. We provide all resources for the preservation of health and safety at work and preventive steps to prevent injuries and illnesses .

  6. We promote proactive action of every employee to environmental aspects and the estimated risks.

  7. We continually improve our human and material resources .


inspection of construction products

Sokol Ltd Vinkovci has completed the accreditation procedure Sokol Laboratory at the Croatian Accreditation Agency.

Sokol Laboratory is accredited for testing of construction products, according to the norm EN ISO / IEC 17025 and is authorized for the following tests:

  • Testing of water-tightness of sewer system test method EN 1610 : 2002 , pt . 13.2, 13.3 , 13.4
  • The pressure test tube drainage and water supply pipe pressure test method EN 805 : 2005 , pt . 11
  • Testing of water-tightness of the building drainage and water supply structures test method EN 1508 : 2007 , pt . 8.3
  • Test and visual coding state recording remote controlled CCTV camera , man entering the building, using mirrors and photographing sewerage system test method EN 13508-2 : 2011

We are proud to collaborate with our partners
Hrvatske Vode
Hrvatski telekom
Years of experience

On the quality of work mentioned above takes care of over 100 employees and professionally trained staff , and a wide range of construction machinery and equipment ( excavators , mini excavators , bulldozers , rollers , loaders, trucks , etc.)

Civil engineering
Energy networks
telecommunication networks
Water and sanitation
Lateral canal
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